Josie Discovered Makeup

My sweet little granddaughter found her mother’s makeup.  She looks beauuuutiful!

Josie discovered makeup 10-22-15


My little sweetie turns two next month. Watch for a birthday post about her.


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65 thoughts on “Josie Discovered Makeup

  1. Oh, so adorable! Her expression is the cutest. The Overlord turned 2 in June so I can relate to the blast of learning and these little ones filling up their brains with experience. Keep taking pictures…they make for future smiles. 🙂

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    1. I love this age. Don’t understand the fuss about the “terrible two’s”. I remember watching my sons as they discovered things and wondering the same thing when they were two.

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  2. What a cutie ❤ It was only a matter of time 😀 I remember when my younger daughter found a lipstick – besides being all over her face and clothes she decided we needed a red carpet as well! Look forward to the birthday post.

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  3. LOL…she is adorable, Michelle!! This is such a precious photo. I will definitely be looking forward to her birthday post. And you have brought back a sweet memory for me. Thank you.

    Enjoy a delightful day, my friend,
    Marianne xo

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      1. I never experienced the terrible two’s, either. My son never really went through that. I’m glad you are experiencing wonderful joys with your granddaughter. 🙂

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        1. Thanks. When your children are little you display their artwork on your refrigerator, and their crafts proudly on the mantle. But when they are adults they give you their best yet – grandchildren.

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