The End of an Era – Military Service

Our family’s heritage.

Thinkin' Things Over

JP3 - Point Pleasant Battle Sign

For the James Family, it began on October 10, 1774 when an Army of 1,000 Virginia militiamen assigned to General Andrew Lewis fought the Battle of Point Pleasant West Virginia against federated Indian tribes led by Shawnee Chief Cornstalk. The other component of the campaign was an army of 1,200 men led by British Lord Dunmore, Troy Governor of Virginia. As it turned out, Lord Dunmore and the Shawnees were in collusion and he never intended to commit his army to the fight, thus setting the militia up for annihilation. During the battle, General Lewis disobeyed Lord Dunmore’s orders and thus became the first American officer to disobey a superior British officer. This was considered to be the First Battle of the American Revolution.

Jacob Dooley, Captain Thomas Buford’s Company, Bedford County, Virginia Volunteers, was part of General Lewis’s army and my 4th great grandfather. He very soon…

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