How Important is Reading to Children’s Brain Development?

Janice Spina, children’s book author gives some valid reasons for reading to children from an early age, and some fun activities you can do while reading.


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How important is reading to children’s brain development? I recently read an article by two doctors, Dr. Mehmet Oz & Dr. Michal Roizen, in my local newspaper that stated that ‘Reading is brain food for kids.’  Google this interesting article by these two prominent doctors.


In my opinion reading to young children has proven to be beneficial not only in helping them read by the time they start school but also in helping them with their speech and language skills. Reading to your children from birth on will provide a valuable bonding experience for both of you. You will find that your children will want to spend time with you and will share more of themselves with you later on.


Once your children learn to read let them read to you. It will give them confidence and help them learn pronunciations of words and inflection of the storyline. It is also fun to…

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15 thoughts on “How Important is Reading to Children’s Brain Development?

  1. Thanks for sharing this. The only problem is, when you read to your children and grandchildren, they soon become such good readers they don’t need you anymore. Oh! I guess that’s not a problem.

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  2. I’ve always felt that reading to children is vital for their development and it’s probably even more important now with all the technology they’re growing up with. I imagine it would be hard finding a balance between the two along with outdoor activity. Great post, Michelle, thanks for sharing! ♥

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