Battling Piracy of Your Books and Stealing Royalties

Authors and bloggers please check out Anastacia Moore’s very important post about book piracy. Bloggers make sure the books you’re reading are not pirated.


Pirares This is a warning to ALL authors out there, whether you are traditionally or self published. BEWARE of unscrupulous people pirating your hard work and stealing your well deserved royalties by stealing your books and e-pubs and turning around and hawking them on such sites as EBay, Youtube and other sites.

As I was meandering around the internet the other night I happened to look at my own book trailers on You Tube to see how they were fairing. Much to my chagrin under the title “Curse of The Salute” I saw where someone was advertising on You Tube a link to my and other e-pubs for people to go there and receive copies of said books. Needles to say I was quite UPSET.

A little further research, by googling titles of my books revealed on google other sites such as EBay and other links offering not only printed versions…

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11 thoughts on “Battling Piracy of Your Books and Stealing Royalties

  1. Thanks for sharing this Michelle. It’s very interesting. I hope Nicholas posts his article soon! I eagerly await. 🙂


  2. I keep saying I’ll write a post about this one of these days, and never find the time. My advice would be to just ignore these “pirates.” Nine out of then of them don’t actually have your book. They pretend to, just so they can lure unsuspecting victims to their websites. The reasons may vary from something as simple as eyeballs (they sell advertising, and get paid more the more people visit their website), or as dodgy as phishing or credit card fraud (they may ask for a subscription, then they have your credit card details). And when you actually manage to find a link to the book you want to read, you often end up on Amazon.

    There is an extra reason why I’m not terribly worried about it: the Indie’s enemy is not piracy, but obscurity. In this sense, it may actually be good for your sales if a book were to be pirated and given away for free, therefore generating interest in the rest of your titles. This is why I allow people to read Runaway Smile for free on my blog, and give away Pearseus: Schism on Goodreads.

    So, sure, if you’re a big publisher, you will worry about piracy. For us smaller fry, though, I believe it’s pointless to do so.

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    1. Thanks, Nicholas. That is certainly a good point, considering the exposure your books will get. Perhaps now is the time to write that post. It’s always good to see you on my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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