RUNAWAY SMILE By Nicholas C. Rossis

“An unshared smile is a wasted smile”


Runaway SmileRUNAWAY SMILE is a charming account of a young boy who woke up one morning to find his smile was missing.  He asks the dog if he has seen it. Of course, his dog hasn’t, so he asks the closet monster who is grumpy and hasn’t seen it either.  He is so worried he is unable to eat his breakfast. On the way to school, he meets various other individuals and asks the same question, but no one has seen it – not the clown, not the worker, not a king, not his teacher.

At the day’s end, he heads home from school and crashes on the couch, exhausted from searching for his smile.  His mother comforts him and tells him he has been searching in all the wrong places. She compassionately solves the mystery of her son’s missing smile.

The other characters in the book have some strange attributes. There is his dog that wears glasses and reads books, a closet monster that hides in the closet and eats clothes, and among others, a colorful salesman – the world’s best salesman. They each are busy with their own agendas, and not one takes the time to listen to the boy without a smile.

I found the book to be delightful, and full of very imaginative characters and a creative storyline. I think it would be best suited for elementary aged children. Do I recommend RUNAWAY SMILE? Why, of course!


About the AuthorNicholas Rossis

Avid reader. Web developer. Architect by training, holder of a PhD in Digital Architecture from the University of Edinburgh. Most importantly, author.

Nicholas loves to write. He has published Runaway Smile, a children’s book, which you can read for free on his blog. He has also written the Amazon best-selling epic fantasy series, Pearseus. The fourth book in the series is currently edited, and expected to be released mid-February.

Finally, he has published the Amazon best-seller The Power of Six, a collection of short sci-fi stories that includes his award-winning short story, I Come in Peace.

Nicholas lives in Athens, Greece, at a forest’s edge, with his wife, dog and two very silly cats, one of whom is always sitting on his lap, so please excuse any typos in his blog posts: typing with one hand can be hard. Mercifully, all his books are professionally edited.


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