Nature 1

Nature is the Truest, Most Constant Blessing

Nature 2

We can Choose to Enjoy.

Nature 3

Yet, Like any Blessing,
We can also Choose to ignore it,

Nature 4

Abuse it,
Destroy it,


or Chop it down.


What Measure of Steward Will You Be?



Waterfall: Plitvice National Park Croatia By : Andrea Pozzi

Geysers : Fly Geyser, Washoe County, Nevada – United States

Woven Trees found at :

Additional Images found on Pinterest

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5 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Beautiful reblog and reminder, Michelle, and it breaks my heart just knowing what man has done to some of our precious creatures and Mother Earth herself. We need to be better stewards for our world…thank you! Hugs!

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