Baby Penguins Everywhere

One penguin was all alone and feeling very lonely, until she found a hat floating in the water and out popped a baby penguin. Then another and another, and more and more until the penguin wasn’t lonely anymore. She was very busy playing with the  little penguins, watching over them as the penguins ran here and there, and everywhere doing what little penguins do. Soon she was tired, absolutely exhausted, and needed some time alone. And that was okay, sometimes we need a moment or two to recharge, it’s much more fun to be with others.

This delightful book will entertain little ones with its cute watercolor pictures depicting different things the penguins are doing, as well as with the story. Melissa Guion’s debut book is a treasure with an explanation that sometimes a person needs some time to be alone, but being with others is much more enjoyable.

I met Melissa at Cincinnati’s Books by the Banks in October.  She was every bit as charming as her book.


To learn more about this multi-talented author-illustrator visit Melissa on her web page Melissa Guion, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Goodreads.

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