How One Young Woman Broke My Heart and Repaired It

When Women Inspire

Sparkling Heart A heart is priceless, as I found reading the book titled a picture is worth… (Photo Source: little*star, CC BY-ND 4.0, via Flickr)

I began reading a picture is worth… this week and my heart broke as I read the first personal essay written by a young woman named Aayilah. a picture is worth… is a book composed of a collection of personal essays written by US high school students; it is designed to be an education curriculum component along with photos, blogs and audio segments. The goal is to inspire learning in young people by encouraging them to share their stories, as well as to develop new ways of educating and connecting students. The story told by Aayilah of her life broke my heart and repaired it, all within one chapter.

Aayilah is a 15-year-old student who came to the US from Trinidad and Tobago to live with her mother…

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4 thoughts on “How One Young Woman Broke My Heart and Repaired It

  1. Wonderful reblog of this amazing and heartbreaking story, Michelle..It was nice of Christy to share, as well, and I hope this young girl can make her dreams reality and not let what she’s been through hold her down…it was scary reading what she had done through facebook, seeking validation on her looks. That isn’t too far from what many girls do nowadays and it’s frightening..thanks again for sharing again!

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