Update from Josie

Whoa! Did you say I’m one year old today! No way!

It has been a busy year for me.  Being born was hard work, but here I am one year later – a big girl! My Grammie posted photos from my younger days on earlier posts, but she’s dropped the ball lately and hasn’t posted anymore pictures in a long time.  I will try to bring you up to date.

Let’s start with April. I had my baptism at a really old church where someone named George Washington used to go. Mommy and Daddy had a party for me before we went to church.  There were lots of family and friends there.

10269639_10202008148310479_1500935330284093046_n (1)


This is me with my Godparents and parents. Uncle Todd (Daddy’s brother), Daddy, Me, Mommy, Aunt Stephanie (Mommy’s sister)


Josie's Baptism 4-19-14

The next day was Easter so my cousin Mallory and I got to visit the Easter Bunny.10253776_10202008155190651_7413488021881451209_n


Sometimes in spring it was really warm so I could go out without a jacket, like on this day when I went hiking with my daddy.

All ready to go hiking with Daddy 4-13-14


Other times I had to be bundled up.

Bundled up 3-6-14


In May, we moved clear across the country to Oregon because my Daddy is a Lieutenant in the Coast Guard and that was where they sent him. On our way from Virginia to Oregon we stopped in Ohio to visit our family.

Ryan Megan Josie 4-14 edit


We also stopped at some pretty interesting places along the way to Oregon.

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial 5-16-14 - aMt. Rushmore

Ryan Megan Josie - Badlands National Park 5-16-19

Badlands National Park

Megan and Josie at Yellowstone National Park 5-18-14

Yellowstone National Park

Megan and Josie on Gondola Ride over Spokane Falls 5-19-14

A gondola ride over Spokane Falls


In June we came home to Ohio for my aunt’s wedding.  This was the first time I rode on a plane.

All ready for 1st airplane ride - Portland OR to Chicago 6-19-20

Daddy had a cheese Coney when we got to Cincinnati.  I tried to get his cheese, and as you can see I succeeded.

It's Skyline time Josie 6-19-14

I got to stay at Grammie and Grampie’s a lot because Mommy and Daddy were in the wedding and had a lot to do.  We had lots of fun!  I was so happy to see Grammie, I just had to give her a big kiss.

Loving Grammie 6-20-14 - d


Shopping with Daddy at The Home Depot is okay, but I’d rather shop for toys.

Shopping at Home Depot with my Daddy 6-5-14

I got all dressed up in my red, white, and blue for the 4th of July.

4th of July Firecracker 7-4-2014

Mommy and Daddy took me to a parade and a clown gave me a big red nose.

At the Astoria Regatta Parade - a clown gave Josie a clown nose 8-9-14 - Copy

I have a dog named Riley. She is a good dog.  I really love her, but she thinks I’m a pest.  I just want to love on her and share toys with her.  I even share my food with her. When Daddy’s ship comes in, my Riley dog and I have lots of fun with Daddy.

When Daddy puts my toys together, I get to help him! I’m a very good helper.

Helping Daddy put my wheelbarrow together 8-8-14Somebody likes her new wheelbarrow 8-9-14


I love to go to the beach and play in the sand.  Sometimes I even eat it…

I  promise, I didn't eat the sand! 7-1-14

Or fall face first in it…


Where we live now, I have a playroom.  My mom cleans it up and puts all my toys away. Silly Mommy, doesn’t she know I’m going to take them all out again?


Daddy couldn’t be here for my birthday, but my cousin Brynn, Aunt Stephanie and my MawMaw and PawPaw came to help me celebrate.

photo 3 photo 4

Birthdays are fun, but are stressful too!

photo 1


Brynn and I had fun together and even dressed alike.Josie and Brynn - Josie's 1st Birthday


I’m ready for cake! How about you?

Josie 1 yr old Josie's Cake

Josie eating cake 1 Josie eating cake 2 Josie eating cake 3

Happy Birthday Josie! Grammie Loves YOU!

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  1. Oh Josie, I wish they had a love button! I lovelovelove this post. And guess what! My Grammie’s name was Josie. I think it is a wonderful name and that you have just had too much fun from all this pictures. I have so enjoyed this time with you. You are such a beautiful happy smart girl. No wonder everyone loves you so much. And guess what else? your Grammie is such a nice lady, that she not only follows my first blog, she now follows my second blog! Isn’t she a nice, kind Grammie? I think so too!

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