No One Could Have Guessed the Weather by Anne-Marie Casey

No One Could Have Guessed the WeatherNO ONE COULD HAVE GUESSED THE WEATHER had its good points and bad. I loved the story of the four women and the friendships they formed while they juggled the responsibilities of work, home, children, and the difficulties those duties encompassed.  While Lucy struggles at first with the down-sizing of every aspect of her life, she is the one who is the strongest character.  Julia, who is stressed out to the point of leaving home and family, works hard at figuring out how to make her life less demanding. Christy is a trophy wife to a much older man and has everything, but yet is not really happy with her marriage. Her husband uses his money to control her. Christy was definitely the weakest character. Robyn just works at getting by day by day, and becomes stronger with time.  The link among these women is the commonality of their situations; the problems they face individually are the same.

There was a lot of time spent developing the characters, which I normally love. However, Casey didn’t get into the plot until half way through the book. I kept waiting for the four women to connect and it just didn’t happen soon enough for me.  I love reading and rarely find a book I don’t like, but I struggled to finish this one.  I give this one three stars.

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I received this book from Library Thing Early Reviewers in exchange for an honest review.

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