Meet Guest READER Michelle Clements James

The wonderful Chris the Story Reading Ape featured me on his blog

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

I am a reader, not a writer.  So why am I blogging?

Michelle Clements JamesI am a reader, and I blog about sharing the books I love whether romance, historical fiction, chick lit, biography, memoir, fantasy, classic, contemporary fiction, and children’s books.  What I will never read are thrillers (I even hid behind a pillow during JURASSIC PARK). My blog is a place to talk about current reads, and many of the wonderful books I’ve read over the years, as well. Occasionally I throw in a post about my family. I recently participated in the A to Z Challenge to write a post every day during April. I invite comments and recommendations to all posts.

A bit about me…

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio and raised my children here as well. I went to college at the University of Cincinnati and majored in Geology with a minor…

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7 thoughts on “Meet Guest READER Michelle Clements James

  1. GREAT guest post, Michelle! I liked reading what you look for in a good book as it’s always nice to hear that (one day I want to publish a fiction book). I send you smiles 🙂


  2. We so seldom hear from dedicated Readers, so your blog was a welcome surprise, Michelle. I have reblogged (from The Story Reading Ape’s blogpost) on my Author promotion blog, Reading Recommendations I look forward to reading your own reviews of the books you read and recommend. We need more Readers like you whoare willing to spread the word about what we write! Thank you!


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