How to Get your Kids to Read

What a fantastic idea for encouraging your children to become readers!

Nicholas C. Rossis

GatewaySuccessStory-JeffGunhusFoil._V350981886_I found a lovely post on Amazon by Jeff Gunhus, and just had to share! Jeff details how he started his Jack Templar book series as a way to get his two young boys to read. This is what he has to say:

“My son Jack was smart and outgoing. He got great grades. But he liked reading books about as much as he liked walking behind our two yellow labs on clean-up duty. He was way more interested in movies, TV, video games. At first, I wasn’t too worried. But his vocabulary and writing skills began to slip. I decided to do something.

I created the Early Morning Book Club. That was my name anyway. To Jack, I’m sure it was the Early Morning Torture Club. The plan was that we’d get up early and Jack would read out loud to me for an hour. Luckily for him…

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4 thoughts on “How to Get your Kids to Read

    1. My pleasure. It is a post that should be seen by every parent of boys, who seem, more often than not, to be the ones we struggle to get in the habit of reading. I speak as a parent of three sons, grandparent of three grandsons, and sister of three brothers. The oldest grandson is the only one who didn’t need motivation.


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