Passing Fair – ABC Poem

My friend Morgan at posted this for me today. It is so beautiful, as is all of her poetry. Please stop by her blog and read more.


Passing Fair

Absolute Silence,
Breathless Sigh,
Chaos Soaring
Deep Inside,
Echoes of a
Fracture in Time,
Gabriel’s Horn
Heralding Fine,
Indigo Setting in
Jagged Night,
Kisses Telling More than the
Message Drifting in
Neptune’s Hand,
OH the Tranquility of a
Purposeless Plan,
Shadows Drifting,
Timeless Device of the
Universe, Shifting,
Vast and Empty,
Waiting Delay,
Xanadu Tempting
Zero hour Passing Fair,
Betrayed in Your
Calamitous Stare.

(sorry, ran over a bit, first go, but I know you will Humour me 😉 )

Because macjam 47 at : asked me to 🙂

Beautiful Original Artwork: across_an_ocean_of_stars_by_whisperingcrows

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