Lying to Meet You

Lying to Meet You by Anna GarnerjpgLYING TO MEET YOU by Anna Garner is a delightful story of Chloe Lane, a single nearly thirty fashion designer – boutique owner in New York and a reality show judge. Chloe’s best friends constantly devise plans for the three of them to catch a man, all of them ending in failure. While trying to figure out why no man is interested in any of them, given that they are all good-looking, they decide that an existing relationship is what they need to make them more attractive to potential suitors.

While telling her lifelong friend Ethan Webster about her evening, Ethan suggests that he and Chloe pretend to be dating to test the theory.  Chloe agrees to it, but initially feels guilty about lying to her friends and family.  Will their plan succeed, or will it backfire?

Anna Garner (aka Libby Mercer) has spun a tale that is full of laugh-out-loud humor, romance, friendships that have passed the test of time, family problems, and surprises. If you enjoy reading chicklit, you will love LYING TO MEET YOU. I highly recommend this book.

LYING TO MEET YOU was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.