Louey The Lazy Elephant

Louey the Lazy Elephant by Janice Spina

I love children’s books and LOUEY THE LAZY ELEPHANT  by Janice Spina did not disappoint me. It is a story of a lazy elephant that becomes separated from his family because he was too lazy to get up when his mother told him they were moving on.  Frightened, Louey enlists the help of the other animals in the jungle to help find his family, but he must first prove he is not lazy.

This is a delightful story for young children. I love that the illustrations, done by John Spina, are drawn in crayon.

LOUEY THE LAZY ELEPHANT is the perfect read to book for your favorite little person or for yourself if you enjoy children’s books as I do.

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    1. Thanks, Bette. Janice writes beautiful children’s books. Every share gets the word out. Hugs, and hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


    1. Thank you, dear Sally! You are so kind! Michelle is a lovely lady too, just like you. I feel blessed to have met both of you and can call you friends!! Hugs!

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    2. Sally, thank you so much for the reblog. Janice is a very talented author and her books are true treasures. Thank you for helping to spread the word. Hugs, my friend.


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