What’s in Your Summer TBR Pile?

There are so many fantastic books available in every genre; it can be daunting to decide which book to read. There is a abundance of opportunities for summer reading: at the pool on a scorching afternoon or while waiting for the kids to finish up at practice or swim lessons or on the patio in the morning while it is still cool. Where do you like to read? When is the best time for you to turn the pages of a chapter or two?

Well, grab a tall, cool glass of iced tea, find a shady spot, and get started.

My picks for this summer from the books published in 2013 are:

  1. The History of Us by Leah Stewart (January 8, 2013)
  2. The Painted Girls by Cathy Buchanan (January 10, 2013)
  3. The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin (January 15, 2013)
  4. Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale by Lynda Rutledge (February 5, 2013)
  5. The Good Daughter by Jane Porter (February 2, 2013)
  6. Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler (February 12, 2013)
  7. The Truth About Love and Lightning by Susan McBride (February 12, 2013)
  8. The Comfort of Lies: A Novel by Randy Susan Meyers (February 12, 2013)
  9. Why Can’t I Be You: A Novel by Allie Larkin (February 26, 2013)
  10. The Story Teller by Jodi Picoult (February 26, 2013)
  11. Three Sisters by Susan Mallery (February 26, 2013)
  12. The Best Man by Kristin Kristan Higgins (February 26, 2013)
  13. When She Was Gone by Gwendolen Gross (March 19, 2013)
  14. Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler (March 26, 2013)
  15. The Third Son by Julie Wu (April 1, 2013)
  16. Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline (April 2, 2013)
  17. The Clover House: A Novel by Henriette Lazaridis Power (April 2, 2013)
  18. The Apple Orchard by Susan Wiggs (April, 30, 2013)
  19. The Last Camellia by Sarah Jio (May 28, 2013)
  20. Time Flies by Claire Cook (June 11, 2013)
  21. The Last Original Wife by Dorothea Benton Frank (June 11, 2013)
  22. Mother Daughter Me by Katie Hafner (July 2, 2013)
  23. The Light in the Ruins by Chris Bohjalian (July 9, 2013)
  24. The Wednesday Daughters by Meg Waite Clayton (July 16, 2013)
  25. Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis (July 31, 2013)

I have already read some of the books listed, and the rest are on my TBR list.  With so many outstanding books available (and many available in the near future), you may undoubtedly have some other books in mind.  That’s great!  Please share them in the comment section.

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “What’s in Your Summer TBR Pile?

  1. Michelle I am always amazed when I read people’s to-read lists that there are so many books published in the world! I’m a great list-maker of jobs to do, but have never written a list of either the books I’ve read or the books I want to read: too intimidating. My husband and I share a bookshelf in the spare bedroom for our to-read books, he complains that 80% of them are mine! SD


    1. My husband doesn’t understand why I read so much. He watches television (the Military Channel, History Channel) while I read. Our bookshelves are over flowing with my books.


    1. Thank you. I look forward to your blog posts. I definitely will be reading LOUEY THE LAZY ELEPHANT. I love children’s books, especially when they are about elephants. Have you read STAND BACK SAID THE ELEPHANT, I’M GOING TO SNEEZE? So funny!


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