How to extend the attention span of your children.

I highly recommend this insightful article from Dayne Sislen.

Dayne Sislen Children's Book Illustration

Kids today are bombarded with video games as well as fast action cartoons and movies. Picture book publishers are requesting shorter and shorter picture books for young children. No wonder our children have problems keeping their minds focused on one thing for very long.

What can you do to help your kids have a longer attention span? My advice is not some new technical invention or app for your phone or tablet, but something easy and inexpensive that you can do in your own home.


You can extend your children’s attention span by reading to them.

What better way to show them you love them and help them at the same time. Kids love getting attention from their parents and grandparents. This one-on-one time without any distractions from phones or TV is important. Children can later illustrate the stories you read together so you have a visual reminder of the time you have…

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15 thoughts on “How to extend the attention span of your children.

  1. I read to my kids everyday when they were young. Not only was this special time we shared, but I believed it help them develop the habits that made them “straight A” students later.

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  2. Love this post, Michelle! Sharing from your blog and have previously reblogged it on mine. Kudos to Dayne for inspiring us to inspire others. Reading with kids is a win-win for everyone and offers so limitless opportunities for inspiring our children and communicating with them. ❤ Blessings & love to you and yours… xo

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