MY WHISPERINGS By Just Patty (Patty van Delft)

My Whisperings

This is the second book of poetry written by Just Patty. Patty delves into deepest emotions in her poetry.  MY WHISPERINGS is a collection of dark poetry, though some of her poems have a more positive note.

One that struck me as being particularly dark and deeply painful is “PTSD”.  The last verse is a good example of the entire poem.

Silently drowning

In a sea of unshed tears I shout

I am chocking

I’m hurting!

Just want to end it

But… I can’t find a way out

“Vengeance” is another of her poems that is very dark as illustrated by the following verse from it. In this poem Just Patty explores revenge.


Ice cold justice got served

In my heart, there’s no compassion

You got what you deserved!

One of my favorites of her poems is “The Warrior” which is more uplifting as Just Patty portrays steadfastness and positive thinking.

Times are hard, life is tough

I know that you think you had enough

Don’t give up, you can still win

Bring out the warrior from within

Though my first choice in poetry is to read uplifting and joyous verse, I enjoyed reading this collection of poetry very much, especially when the poem spoke of redeeming qualities rather than ending just as dark as it began.

About the author:  Just Patty is the poet name used by the Dutch writer Patty van Delft.  She has also written another book of poetry, MY WINGS.

Just Patty is a very talented poet. She is a staunch supporter of suicide prevention and anti-bullying. You can follow her on her blog Petite Magique, on Facebook Just Patty Author Page on Twitter Just Patty, or on Google+ at Just Patty.

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This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Michelle! So nice a review of Patty’s book!!! I came over from her website! I like the way you use some of her verse for several poems & how you totally cover Patty’s real name & the name of her website, Facebook, & her other book! You covered it all! Book Chat looks like a great site!!! Phil from

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